Security Information

Security Bank of Pulaski County Online Banking is a private system of Internet banking which is restricted to authorized customers. For customers authorized to use this system, we have confidence in the system's ability to secure and protect electronic transactions. Actual or attempted unauthorized use of this system may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution. We reserve the right to review, monitor and record activity on the system without giving notice or requesting permission. We compile and use this information to identify both legitimate and suspicious activity. Any information obtained through our monitoring and recording is subject to review by law enforcement in connection with the investigation of possible criminal activity. If you are not an authorized user or if you do not wish to consent to continued monitoring of your activity please exit the system at this time.

Security Bank of Pulaski County is concerned about the security and integrity of the data provided through Security Bank of Pulaski County Online Banking. As a result we have established a partnership with Digital Insight Corporation to provide a secure system for conducting your banking transactions. We use several different technologies to ensure that your information remains secure.


A firewall is a computer that is used to determine who has access to areas of a computer network. It also logs and tracks each transaction made or attempted. The firewall takes a customer's request and puts it in a holding pattern while it performs several functions to verify the authenticity of the user.

Vault Servers

The Vault Server is designed to be a barrier between the outside world and the system where account information is stored. It uses a public key cryptography system (a complex coding system) to allow a customer to create an "encrypted tunnel" between the customer's computer and the Vault Server. Government and corporate systems have used the implemented algorithm for years without failure.

Usernames and passwords

Once the customer connects to the Vault Server, they are asked to authenticate the session by entering a User ID and Password. When a customer first enrolls in Security Bank of Pulaski County Online Banking you will use your Social Security number as your User ID that is changed upon initial sign-on and you will make up your own password.

Please note that Passwords are case sensitive.